Team Akita

Your have been hacked.

Your files have been encrypted and uploaded to our cloud server.

You have exactly 24 hours to contact us at to prevent the sale of your secured and sensitive files to the highest bidder and/or have it released on the darkweb.

Files we have may include sensitive documents, images, videos, and personal information.

Any delay past 24 hours will be met with an additional 0.013 BTC increase in the ransom amount per day. After the first 24 hours, if you still have not contacted us we will begin targetting staff and customers via the information we have from your system.

If you would prefer to end this quickly, and not have your information sold or spread, we will be accepting payment of 0.0013 Bitcoin (BTC) to this address: bc1qhs5rqstmq6pax043h5ek4u8pwgct5l7kya6uq6

After we receive 3 confirmations of payment on the blockchain, we will send a download link to our decryption tool along with the decryption key.

Any attempts at recovering these files will be met with another message, similar to this, and a 0.013 BTC increase in the payment. This is a repeated attack until we are paid.

Best Regards,
Team Akita

Your time ends at 16:43:19 UTC 4 December 2023